.NET basic video tutorials made by zQuangHoangz

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.NET basic video tutorials made by zQuangHoangz

Posted in : Technologies on by : zquanghoangz Comments:

I’m an YouTube big fan, the fact that I learned a lot of things from the videos on that site. That why I want to make videos to share with others about somethings I know through the working and studying experience. I don’t constantly post videos on YouTube, only when an idea come up on right time (when I can spend few hours on it), then I make it. There are very basic videos for the newbie starting to learn C#/VB.NET Windows Form.

Here the list videos I have done so far:

This is my YouTube channel:



Basic VB programming Maze game

Simple Unit convert


Basic C# Game Programming Moving Object on the form

Basic C# Game programming: Car racing game

Basic C# very simple calculator

Basic C# Dot moving on form by pattern

Basic C# Snake moving demo

This list update until 10 Apr 2016

Otherwise, you can see some other tutorials about C# in my old blog: http://zquanghoangz.blogspot.sg/

Thank you :)

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