[SharePoint 2013] Open with Explorer issue in second time open

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[SharePoint 2013] Open with Explorer issue in second time open

Posted in : Technologies on by : zquanghoangz Comments:

The warning message like this in SharePoint 2013:

We’re having a problem opening this location in File Explorer. Add this web site to your Trusted Sites list and try again.

Very popular search and solutions over the internet. I applied some solution and fixed several issues related to above message.

But the issue that I will talk about in this post I cannot find in any other articles


The first login to computer and access the site, the Open with Explorer function is worked. I can upload/edit documents inside the Windows Explorer.

But in second times access, it only prompt above warning.


I have new Web Application with 2 Site Collections which isn’t create on the root site, have name like:



The Document Library is inside above site.

The Web Application have no root site.


Create a Site Collection for the root site.


I don’t why and how it related for the issue, but the solution really fixed. This issue takes me a lot of time to search and disappointing from customer.

I hope this post will use for someone else.

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