[AD] Get LDAP URL of Active Directory

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[AD] Get LDAP URL of Active Directory

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To connect and get information from Active Directory we have a few way, in this topic I will share what I have about get LDAP connection string from AD.


– Your account can change the system, access MS DOS and install application (to make sure everything go smooth).

Ok, let’s start:

The first thing we should know is, LDAP is a string have format look like:


For more information please take a look at: Wiki: LDAP

1. Check AD host name and port:

– Open MS DOS (run as administrator if need), then typing all those lines one by one:

C:\> nslookup

> set types=all

> _ldap._tcp.[your.AD.domain]

The result will show something like:

      _ldap._tcp.<<your.AD.domain>>  SRV service location:
      priority       = 0
      weight         = 100
      port           = 389
      svr hostname   = <<ldap.hostname>>.<<your.AD.domain>>

2. Get LDAP using windows tool and check authenticate

Ref: https://www.lsoft.com/news/techtipLSV-issue2-2014.asp

  • Start Run, type: ldp.exe enter.
  • Choose File > Connection > Connect
  • Bind user, choose File > Bind, tick on Bind with credential, then enter Username, Password, click OK
  • Once connected and authenticated, try to Search with Base DN

3. Get LDAP using third party

Ref: http://www.ldapadministrator.com/download.htm

Connect to the AD, find the location in tree view and view Properties to get LDAP URL


For the first time, this information might useful for all people. Hope this post will help you save your time to looking over the internet.

More thing I found about LDAP I will update here.

Thank you.

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